About- Steph's Best ||

We saw a gap in the healthy food industry, and are committed to making the highest quality,  "nut-free" seed butters. 

What we consume matters.  We've made it our mission to create a delicious, nutritious, and allergen-friendly alternative. Our product is made from wholesome ingredients that fuel and nourish the body.  Steph’s Best Sunflower Butter provides a healthy treat with satisfying taste. 


Meet the Founder

Stephanie Schechter


Steph is the creator of Steph’s Best. With real, whole-food ingredients, she created this spread to help heal her body and mind after experiencing changes to her own health.


During the autumn of 2018 I was diagnosed with some health issues. Food is medicine; my doctor recommended an anti-inflammatory diet. Next came the elimination of nuts, which was challenging for me as I was a fan of peanut butter. The alternatives were filled with processed oils and sugar. To find a tasty replacement, I started experimenting in my kitchen, which led to the creation of Steph's Best. I developed a product that aided me on my health journey. Instead of giving up something I enjoyed, I decided to produce a substitute for my cravings that was delicious and beneficial for my gut.