Is it Vegan?


How do I use Steph's Best™?

Eating Steph's Best™ straight out of the jar is our favorite way to eat it! You can also spread it on toast or make your beloved Steph's Best and Jam. It's a perfect addition to your oatmeal, a waffle or pancake. Pair with fruit or blend in a smoothie!

Is there Gluten in this product?

No! Steph's Best™ is Gluten Free!

Is Steph's Best™ dairy-free?

Yes, we are dairy-free and vegan! 100% plant-based over here!

Are you Nut Free?

Yes, we are Nut-Free. Top 8 Allergen-Free. Perfect for those allergic to nuts.

Do you ship to Europe?

Yes! All shipping is calculated at checkout.

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